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ended yesterday with his funeral. >>> and more deadly clashes erupted in syria as aspect government protestors filled the streets there. an estimated 500,000 people protested across syria. at least 35 were killed by armed security forces. meantime, a team of 60 arab- league monitors are in syria to monitor a peace plan agreed on last week. it requires syrian forces to withdraw from cities, release thousands of detainees and start talks with the opposition. >>> at least 11 people are dead tonight after a seclean hit southeast india. cyclone was centered in the indian ocean. trees were uprooted and homes damaged. most of the deaths were from collapse of walls and electrocution. the meteorological department is expecting the storm to move west and weaken. >>> it's the end of an era here in freemont now that a city leader respected by supporters and opponents passed away. we'll show you the history and legacy. >>> and the campaign trail of heating up. ahead of next week's caucus. how candidates are trying to set themselves a part in iowa from their competitors. >> fair and highly ethic
league observers are in syria opposition after the syrian army arrived. military forces have pounded the area with artillery for days. there is a brutal crackdown on antigovernment protesters. >>> and the man accused of being paralyzed, the man surrendered to authorities. investigators say the man shot christopher sullivan friday night after an argument over football -- after an argument over football teams. his lawyer claims he was attacked. >> he was attacked, he was invited to a welcome home party. >> the shooting comes after christopher sullivan survived a suicide attack in afghanistan. >>> an indiana man will be in court this morning accused of killing a nine-year-old girl he was baby sitting. mike has been charged with the murder of the girl. she was reported missing on friday, her body was found yesterday. police say the family lived in the same mobile home park and she and her two sisters were staying with him because their mother was sick. they did not say how the girl died. >>> investigators are saying they are certain somebody abducted a missing 20-month-old girl. she vani
. speaking in the netherlands, she talked about restrictions in china, russia and syria that have landed bloggers and internet activists in jail. she says that internet firms that do business with those governments are helping those governments suppress online freedom. >>> and clinton is urging companies to reconsider how a repressive government would use their technology before doing business with that government. >>> it's going to be a heavenly sight and it's happening early tomorrow morning. a total lunarey clippings. a red shadow will start to fall across the moon at 4:45 a.m. by 6:05, the moon will be engulfed in the moonlight. the moon will appear red, not black. that's because a dusty layer will redirect the light of the sun, fill in the darkness behind the earth with a red glow. should be interesting to check out. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you next time the news breaks. see you again at 5:00. if i can take classes year round on campus, online, or both and earn my bachelor's degree in 3 years you can, too. [ male announcer ] at devry university, whether
. >>> protesters in syria face a deadline as that country gets harder on its crack down. >> and the former dictator of panama being allowed to serve his prison sentence at home. >> and the mayor making a public appeal. from 20 leading brands, including barista prima. it's the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. way to brew. . >>> in news of the world, in the middle east. >>> pleuston mourning the death of a young activist killed by the military friday. he was struck in the eyes by a tear gas canister. his death has raised questions about the use of force against protesters. >>> russian nationalists rallied a day after tens of thousands across russia protested perceived voter fraud in the elections. his party held onto lieutenants majority despite polls showing the united party would loose more seats. the president promised to launch a probe into the allegations. >>> and in syria the president is giving protester until tomorrow to end demonstrations and turn in defectors from the military where he said the government will level the city. opposition leaders say 22 people
. >>> in news of the world, from syria come reports of one of the deadliest days of the uprising. just two days ago came reports that nearly 90 army conscripts were killed when they tried to defect. journalists are heavily restricted in syria. >>> in afghanistan, five polish soldiers died today in a roadside bomb attack. it is the deadliest attack on polish troops in the war. poland has 2600 troops in afghanistan. the united states currently has 94,000 troops deployed there. >>> in hong kong, some 17,000 chickens are being killed after it was discovered that three chickens have died from the h1n1 strain of bird flu. the government has banned imports of chickens for three weeks. it's not clear if the chickens came from a farm in hong kong, or were imported. >>> doctors and cancer. how this is helping a little girl in a bay area hospital. >>> our chief meteorologist, bill martin tracking freezing temperatures tonight. he has the complete forecast for the holiday ahead. >>> a brave 10-year-old is at stanford hospital tonight, facing losing her leg. she says if this had to happen to someone, she's
of the violence. he spoke in turkey on a global summit on entrepreneurship. government forces in syria have killed an estimated 4,000 protesterrers and jailed 10s of thousands. >>> in other news, students in iran stage a bitter protest against the united kingdom. as expelled diplomats returned home to tehran today, 150 students demonstrated at the airport. they can't death to england. the uk removed the diplomats cereal this week after the british embassy in iran was attacked. france, germany and italy withdrew their ambassadors from iran in protest. the u.s. is calling for tighter sanctions against iran. >>> violent clashes between police and protesters in peru have killed at least one man. the protesters have been occupying a major highway hoping to stop a local prison from expanding after they rocked a bus on the highway yesterday, police used gunfire to break up the crowd. protesters responded then by throwing rocks. one protester died from a bullet wound. 20 others were injured, including two officers. >>> and scotland is gearing up for the arrival of two pandas. china is loaning the 8-year-o
for politics. >>> in syria opposition leaders fear a blood -- they said the government warned them to start demonstrating, hand over their weapons or face bombardment. the free syrian army says it fears a masker. >>> take a look at these picktures. the -- pictures. the driver was downloaded fuel. the driver was taken to the hospital with burns to his arms and legs no one else though was hurt. >>> it's an organization that builds relationship that is could last a lifetime. big brothers and big sisters held their big holiday party. demand for big brothers and sisters is far out of supply. >> reporter: 9-year-old ben and big brother eric raced to win this competition. brothers for just over a year thanks to the big brothers big sisters of the bay area. >> my mom told me that i could get a big brother. and like he could take me out for ice cream and bowling. >> he's fun to be around. if i'm stressed out or having a busy weekend it's not cumbersome to hang out with him. it's fun, we can relax. >> reporter: big brothers and sisters of the bay area say the kids in this room, they are the lucky on
for an end to the violence in syria. prayers for those in flood stricken. >>> since the war began in 2003, dozens of churches have been bombed, priests and parishioners abducted and the homes of the faithful attacked. >>> and from the war in afghanistan american troops caroling. what they lacked in musicality they made up in enthusiasm. this assembly of carolers are out of fort lewis washington. >>> president obama and his family celebrated christmas in hawaii. the family attended christmas service on the army base. the first family woke up early to exchange christmas gifts then ended the day with dinner at the house they're renting in kailua beach. >>> internet video made christmas bright today for a soldier and his central coast family. >> say hi, say hi papa. >> baby camila guardado greeted her father ryan. ryan was deployed this past september 11th not long after baby camila was born. skype technology is keeping the family close. >> it helps a lot because he can see her close, because since he's been gone since she was three weeksology. >> mom and baby also got to watch dad open his p
, syria and iraq are invented people. >> i think he wins that argument. it was needlessly provocative . that is a weakness that newt gingrich tries to put a historical gloss. it pegoes back to the ottoman empire . he forgets we are in a delicate diplomacy. and this is a way to provoke them and suggest they have no right to any kind of state. his worry last night hoe put it in the context of palestinian continued attacks on israel and the terror. and that is a better way to construct the argument. >> chris: liz, you agree with that as a foreign policy thinker. >> i gree with what paul said. the challenge here, you don't want it focused on the sount bite. you want the attention focused on president obama has the worst relationship with the state of israel than any president had in a long time . you have iran six or eight months obtaining a nuclear weapon and we should be working closely with the arabs and israelis on a range of issues including iran. that's what we should be focused on and not our own talking points >> chris: mara, what juan said, newt gingrich would be a general electi
himself and police are still looking for a motive. >>> more than 5,000 people have been killed in syria since the uprising. protests continue across the country and opposition forces say nearly 40 people were killed just yesterday. they want the president to step down but he has refused. >>> time now 5:45 the penn state sex abuse scandal continues. they are accused of covering up abuse allegations. meantime january 11th is the next court date for jerry sandusky. as we told you yesterday he waved his preliminary hearing and pled not guilty to 52 molestation charges. his lawyer questions the motives of the 10 accusers. >> what greater motivation and i hate to say it and it's part of our case but what greater motivation and this money. >>> and if he is convicted on all counts, he could possibly get up to 500 years in jail. >>> time now 5:46, a clayton middle school teacher will not enter a plea until the end of this month. they charged him with 20 sex crimes yesterday. he was arrested on campus friday. police say he admitted to having sex with a former student who was underage and remains
nations says more than 5,000 people have been killed in syria since the uprising started nine months ago. protests and the fighting continued all across syria. operation forces say almost 40 people were killed in the fighting yesterday. protesters want president alasar to step down but so far he's refused. >>> we now have the toe of the man accused of -- have the photo of the man accused of blowing up a crowded belgium suspect. they say this man had a long -- in the meantime mourners are putting flowers at the bus stop where he loved hand grenades and fired an assault rifle. so far, three people tied -- people died there including a toddler. 1230 people were injured -- 120 people were ginned -- injured. >>> the next step in the penn state sex abuse case unfolds on friday. that's when the pretrial hearings are skeled for the -- scheduled for the athletic director and vice principal. mean while, january 11th is the next court date for jerry sandusky. as we reported on "mornings on 2" yesterday, he waived his preliminary hearing and plead the not guilty to 52 child- related charges. his att
to syria to monitor a deal to end a nine-month -- to end nine months of violence on protesters. human rights groups are accusing the syrian government of sending thousands of groups in. demonstrators say troops killed two dozen people and wounded more than 200 others. the observers are in syria trying to stop the crackdown. >>> we're learning more about the possible visit by yemen's president to the united states. as we reported yesterday, his spokesperson says the president will travel here to the u.s., soon. now we're learning he's asking obama, the obama administration for permission to enter the country. it's believed he wants to enter the u.s. to receive medical treatment for injuries he received in a june attack. he promised to resign last month after growing tension? his you can -- his country. >>> the 18-member delegation made the trip across the border to north korea to express the sadness of kim jong-il. the widow of the south korean president is leading the group. >>> new details this morning on the investigation underway into the meltdown following the japanese quake and t
years. >>> and in syria, gunfire and artillery brushes forced arab league observers to take cover today. the rebel army posted video of anambush on the syrian military. the government said at least six soldiers were killed, and 12 injured in attacks today. >>> huge crowds lined the streets of north korea's capitol today to witness the funeral prosession for kim jung il. mourners wailed in what appeared to be an exaggerated show of emotion. his son was seen walking next to his son's hearse. they have placed him in the role of supreme leader. the memorial service is expected to continue tomorrow. >>> we'll be right back after this. >>> you might be surprised to learn one of the hot selling items this holiday season was guns. the fbi says it was a record setting month for gun sales across the country. >> we do have shotguns for sale. >> reporter: inside jackson arms shooting range, the phone has been ringing all day with customers buying countries. john is looking to buy a small caliber gun for his daughter. >> i've taken her target shooting and the large caliber seems to intimidate her. s
. >>> in news of the world tonight in syria, intense shelling killed 23 people. anti government activists say hundreds have been killed in the last year. the brutal combat seems to have intensified as the arab league sent in monitors today. those monitors are supposed to make sure -- >>> felipe cabrera is described as an important lieutenant in the sinaloa cartel. forbes magazine ranks guzman as one of the world's richest men with a network in the billions. >>> gunfire for the ousting of a. the man in charge of the put on trial for corruption. meanwhile american authorities are considering a request from the president to travel to the united states. on saturday he said he would be leaving the country to call the unrest. last month the president signed a key seal and the crisis which has left hundreds of people dead. >>> a response to last japan's nuclear process says that there was not only mistakes made. poorly trained operators misread a key back up system and then waited too long to start pumping water into the cooling unit. the investigators found that tokyo electric power company did not
working for al- qaida. violence comes just days after the last u.s. combat troops left iraq. >>> in syria today, today, delegates landed in -- citizens say thousands of prisoners have been moved to military bases. government forces today killed at least 19 people. >>> u.s. military officials said today rather today blamed a nato air strike that blamed 24 pakistani soldiers last month on miscommunication. u.s. troops said they were fired upon but accidentally miss reported their exact location to pakistani authorities. the pakistani said they didn't have any troops in the area and the u.s. troops called in an air strike on what turned out to be a pakistani base. the pakistani army said today the report by the u.s. is quote short on facts. >>> after the break. more on that spectacular fire in san francisco today. and the decision to evacuate 100 elderly from near a burning facility. >>> and mark tamayo is on deck with the bay area's complete warning forecast. >>> a rare winter wildfire in el dorado county is being blamed on a -- crews say about half an acre burned. the fire is unusual beca
from the uprisings in egypt, syria and other arab countries to the occupy wall street campers in the united states and other countries. one occupy protester at uc berkeley welcomes the recognition. >> 2011 will be known as the year of the uprising from you know cairo and new york and beyond. i say it is totally appropriate, and i say let's make 2012 the year we win. >> reporter: and the time editors say they realize that every situation is not the same. they say others fight for economic inequality. and time magazine says no matter the cause, the protesters forced the government and the ruling elite to pay attention to the situation. >>> and making the protester the person of the year, one wrote, nothing this year will have as much impact on our globe as the actions of all the individuals who have stood in protests, whatever their cause. this person offered another position, are you kidding me? time to cancel the subscription. time to stop giving them the attention. tell us what you think on facebook. >>> and the president says he doesn't allow his girls on facebook. the comm
weapons charges. the attack happened in the city's square. >>> in syria more evidence of violence today. members of the opposition released video of a bombing that set several cars on fire. the video also shows government soldiers making a sweep through the streets. the death toll was said to be at least 28. the united nations says at least 5,000 have died since the uprising began nine months ago. >>> and in norway, there is a serious shortage of butter. the crisis appears to be the result of a perfect storm. for one thing demand is up for sugary treats. >>> americans were outspending money last night but not quite as much as expected. the commerce department reported today that november sales rose a fraction .02%. a look at the numbers revealed shoppers went in and lower gas prices gave them more money to spend. this was the sixth month in a row when it comes to spending increases. a rally on wall street fizzled in the late afternoon on news from the feds. the nasdaq dropped nearly 33. the federal reserve said the u.s. economy is improving slightly but is still vulnerable to the europe
president left baghdad yesterday. analysts say it suggests a marked increase in tenses. >>> in syria activists say 70 army deserters were executed by troops as they tried to flee their bases today. also today the foreign minister agreed to low monitors into the country. about 5,000 people have been killed since the protest started in march. >>> and in the philippines the death toll from a series of landslides rose to 597. scores still missing . . officials say more than a third of the 150,000e vacantes are children. >> time is running out for worker who have money left in their flexible spending act accounts. they let you use pretaxed dollars to pay formed allege expenses, at the end of the year the money is forfeited. this year a provision in the new health care reform act means you will not be reimbursed for many items unless they have a prescription. >> a dip in gas prices before the holidays. > >> the bay area has never seen. a new way to string cable across the new eastern span of the bay bridge. >> and bill martin tracking chilly overnight weather in six minutes he is back
of thousands of children vanish every year in china. >>> syria, amateur photographers send out pictures of some of the 60 people who they say were killed this week. it comes on the same day, the syrian president says he never ordered the crackdown. he says only a crazy person would kill his own people. the united nations says 40,000 have died in the uprising since march. >>> in cuba, elian gonzalez is now an adult. he was just 6 years old when he was the surviver of an escape attempt and lived in florida. >>> the 80th lighting of the capitol christmas tree. this year's ceremony only cost, $9,000. that's 10 times less than last year. the event is funded by private donations. >> we're trying to do a bit more modest event this year. certainly the economy being what it is. the state budgets being tightened these days. i think the same needs to hold true for our christmas tree lighting events. >> reporter: >> the tree has 10,000 low powered l.e.d. lights and is decorated with hand crafted ornaments by children and adults with developmental disabilities. >>> a surprise decision today over who needs
lebanon said syrian troops killed four lebanese men when they accidentally drove into syria. >>> a crowd of mourners marched into the investigation center. that's one of the last places the man known as dear leader visited. kim's son and chosen successor kim jung un cried in front of his father's casket. >>> people in the san diego cost are bringing out surfers and tourists. the winter holiday season felt more like summer as visitors ventured into the water. surfers also took advantage of the conditions and hit the waves. >> let's face it it's epic conditions. do i go to the park with family or surf? you could do either or today. >> the waves also produced some strong rip currents. >>> let's turn to our chief meteorologist/surfer to see what's going on today. >> i just showed you how dry it's been. how the entire month has been relatively dry. this pattern is probably as good as it gets for surfers in northern and southern california. this is one of the biggest places for surf where we had almost every day you could get out in the water. the swell is beginning to subside. it's going to c
there with the police officer helping get this woman to safety. >>> there's so much violence going on in syria, that you really always have to be on the lookout. this video appears to be just another day, everybody going about their business. you see a shop keeper, people riding their bikes, a motorcycle. but then a twist, you see the street sweeper exit the screen. and into the shot comes a man who is holding a rocket-propelled grenade. he takes a shot straight at an armored vehicle. >> what? >> wow. >> it appears that the street sweeper looks back and gestures at someone standing off to the side. you can't really tell what's going on. and in comes what seems to be a different man holding this rpg and takes the shot. >> what's so chilling about this is you see all of these other people, the men on their mopeds, on their bicycles just going about their day. and this guy looks like he's doing the same thing and suddenly it seems like he's on the lookout for a guy with a grenade launcher. >> he's saying allah akbar. god is great, god is great. >> when i first saw the video, i thought the street sweeper is
the protection of several liberties online. she talked about restrictions in china, russia, and syria that have landed bloggers in jail. secretary clinton says tech firms should stop working with repressive governments. >> today as people increasingly turn to the internet to conduct important aspects of their lives, we have to make sure that human rights are as respected online as off line. >> mrs. clinton says surveillance equipment sold to syria, iran and libya in the past were used to violate human rights. >>> colleges and businesses are rushing to snatch up triple x domain names. this week the domain welcome on sale to the public and is marketed as a way to distinguish porn sites. but universities and companies are finding out their names are being linked with pornographic domains. perdue university is one that has bought domains that resemble the school's name. >> we hate to have perspective student or parent looking to come to purdue and search on purdue, and potentially have an x x site come up. >> the school says it will not do anything with the websites they butt but they just
,000 will stay in kuwait, and could be used as a quick reaction force in iraq if needed. dave. >>> in syria, an activist group says army defectors have killed at least 27 soldiers in fighting today. if that is true, this would be among the deadliest attacks by rebel troops since the uprising started nine months ago. the rebel troops want syria's president to resign, and increasing number of government soldiers have joined the rebel forces. in egypt, accusations now of voting abuses in the second round. elections there. the voting in this stage is taking place in mostly rural parts of egypt. and there are accusations election officials at polling stations are filling out the ballots for the elderly or for confused voters. but one election official says there are only helping out the ill literal voters. >>> the fitch credit raitting agency has downgraded many europe's banks. that's despite last week's new agreement bin european leaders. the worries caused european interest rates to climb. and ace french court found former president jacques chirac guilty of embezzling public funds and other ch
to call for an end to the blood shed in syria. >> he talked to thousands above st. peter's square. he wanted to help victims around the horn of africa. he huge -- urged worshipers to see through the glitter. >>> the late kim jong-il is called the premiere canned-miles-an-hour of the armed forces. they stand behind kim jong yoo and the country will romaine in mourning until thursday when he is laid to rest. >> embattled president is getting ready to leave his country and come to the united states. that is according to the yemeni spokesperson. when does president salei come to the u.s. he wants to get away from the media attention. and let preparations more for new it elections to continue. > >>> an army soldier is spending christmas in a san bernardino hospital after being shot at his welcome whom party. >> i am mad. i am really mad he is a good boy. an excellent boy. >> on leave for the holidays was at the party when his brother and another man began arguing. sullivan stepped inn a the other man pulled a gun and fired three shots. one hit him in the next and one in the lower back. >>
accusations of voter fraud in recent parliamentary elections. >>> arab league observers are in syria. on po sis activists say the -- opposition activists say military forces have found pounds the area. the arab monitoring mission is meant to ensure the government complies with the deal to end a brutal crackdown on anti- government protesters. >>> how about free textbooks for all of you college students out there? sounds like a good idea. but some professors say they have concerns. >>> here's a live look outside. it's pretty foggy as we've been talking about. rosemary will be ahead with the raft for the area you live -- with the forecast for the area you live >>> some shoppers in canada ended up in the hospital after a mall fight there turn the violent. police say the winnipeg mall was crowded because of boxing day sales. police say an argument between two people ended with one allegely pulling a live and the other using pepper spray. the two people ran away but others were hit with the pep he spray. >>> police say a highway near sacramento could be closed for hours after a suspected dui cra
to a full-scale rebellion there. in syria an uprising erupts. despite pressure the crack downs continue. the eyes of the world on westminster abby as three billion people watched the wedding. >>> in what may be the biggest news story of the year -- >> the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda. >> reporter: u.s. navy seals shoot and kill the terror leader in his compound in pakistan. >>> the managing director of the international monetary fund arrested in new york city for allegedly sexually assaulting a hotel made. charges against dominique strauss-kahn are later dropped send comments to comments@captioncolorado.coming a credibility issue with the accuser. >>> after more than 50 years of struggle sudan declares its independence, becoming africa's 54th country. british newspaper news of the world closes after allegations that journalists hacked into voice mail accounts. >>> in norway a man describing himself as a resistance leader bombing the government building and carrying out a shotting rampage at a youth camp, killing 77. >>> jap
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